Evaluation of Software Engineering 2014-2015 First Term

I have to admit. The second test was a mistake and I will not take it into account for the current evaluation.

The goal of the second test was to develop a more complex program and to push you to the limit. The steps were:

1. Develop a program that generates programs – use a predefined framework

2. Solve the programs that were generated

3. Develop a third program for testing the programs submitted at step 2.

The whole experiment broke at about step 2 and most of the results are 0. I admit that this was a rather complex task. I hope we had fun and it was a good challenge, but this test wont be taken into account.

This is why the evaluation for the first semester is as follows.

1. Test 1 – 1 points

2. Test 2 – 0 points

3. Test 3 – 2 points

4. Homeworks and attendances – +-2 points (all checked homeworks sum up to no more than 2 points. If 5 homeworks are checked than each homework is 0.4 points. If 10 homeworks are checked each homework is 0.2 points).

4.1 Correct homework adds points.

4.2 Wrong homework removes points.

4.3 Attendance could only add to the points.


1 points – 3

2 points – 4

3 points – 5

>4 points – 6

For tomorrow prepare for rspec test for public gems.

Публикувано в Технология на програмирането. Постоянна връзка.