For all the GitHub users, which means all from class 11

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Projects for Software Engineering 2015

The projects are given at the bottom of the course page and for now are: (more will come in the next few days)

Second term


  1. Youtube channel administration from an external app using the Youtube V3 API. Subscription fee per month for access.
  2. Subtitles editing and synchronization – Desktop. Licensed fee.
    1. move subtitles forward/backward
    2. show subtitles over the video
    3. enter subtitles and synchronize them with the sound
  3. Subtitles editing and synchronization – Web Java Script. Subscription fee per month. Free for the first X subtitles/users per month. Similar to
    1. move subtitles forward/backward
    2. show subtitles over the video
    3. enter subtitles and synchronize them with the sound
  4. Testimonials to your site – similar to Subscription fee per month. Free for the first X testimonials.
  5. Format conversion service similar to Pay per month or conversion.
  6. OAuth server.
  7. Managing social network posts in a single application. Support for Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest. View all the user activities in social networks and administer posts from a single place. Pay per month.
  8. Subtitles generation by voice recognition – provide a link to an audio or video file and return a transcript in raw and in srt format. Pay per month or per number of conversions made.
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Software Engineering first term evaluation

The evaluation is at the bottom of the course page for 2014-2015

I urge you to comment below the Course Page, but you have to

  1. make an argument
  2. back it up with facts and considerations
  3. suggest an improvement
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Official results from Exam3 of Software Engineering on 20.01.2015

The results are upload in class026_rspec_test

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Official results from Exam1 of Software Engineering on 20.01.2015

For exam of class026_rspec_tests

The results are for the first exam form today are


In a summary

Name    Result
b/results/David_Georgiev_12_cff489.rb    0
b/results/Dimitar_Andreev_14_4fedc5.rb    0
b/results/Hristiyan_Dodov_29_0f79aa.rb    1
b/results/Stefan_Radev_27_04bae9.rb    0
b/results/Stanislav_Iliev_26_afb738.rb    0

If you believe something is wrong with the evaluation comment below.

For exam of class019_test

The results are



In summary

Name    Result
../../class019_test/files_for_exam_1/a/results/Simeon_Shopkin_23_032b76.rb    1
../../class019_test/files_for_exam_1/a/results/Dimitar_Nestorov_7_d62e36.rb    1

Name    Result
../../class019_test/files_for_exam_1/b/results/Stanislav_Iliev_26_ecff18.rb    1
../../class019_test/files_for_exam_1/b/results/Konstantin_Kostov_21_4ba2ed.rb    1
../../class019_test/files_for_exam_1/b/results/Martin_Grigorov_23_57cac8.rb    1
../../class019_test/files_for_exam_1/b/results/David_Georgiev_12_30a7c7.rb    0
../../class019_test/files_for_exam_1/b/results/Hristiyan_Dodov_29_9d3149.rb    1
../../class019_test/files_for_exam_1/b/results/Stefan_Radev_27_e314d3.rb    1
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Evaluation of Software Engineering 2014-2015 First Term

I have to admit. The second test was a mistake and I will not take it into account for the current evaluation.

The goal of the second test was to develop a more complex program and to push you to the limit. The steps were:

1. Develop a program that generates programs – use a predefined framework

2. Solve the programs that were generated

3. Develop a third program for testing the programs submitted at step 2.

The whole experiment broke at about step 2 and most of the results are 0. I admit that this was a rather complex task. I hope we had fun and it was a good challenge, but this test wont be taken into account.

This is why the evaluation for the first semester is as follows.

1. Test 1 – 1 points

2. Test 2 – 0 points

3. Test 3 – 2 points

4. Homeworks and attendances – +-2 points (all checked homeworks sum up to no more than 2 points. If 5 homeworks are checked than each homework is 0.4 points. If 10 homeworks are checked each homework is 0.2 points).

4.1 Correct homework adds points.

4.2 Wrong homework removes points.

4.3 Attendance could only add to the points.


1 points – 3

2 points – 4

3 points – 5

>4 points – 6

For tomorrow prepare for rspec test for public gems.

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Глупав коментар

Автор – Иво Вълчев
Заданието ни за 04.12.2014г. (class019) по „Технология на програмирането“ беше контролна работа. С цел по-лесното намиране на проблема, който моята програма решава, сложих условието в коментар. Тук се проявява и моята грешка – операциите за начало на многоредов коментар (=begin) и съответно за край (=end) са на различно ниво => всъщност коментара никога не свършва. Това води до проблема, а именно – въпреки че кодът е верен спрямо условието, програмата всъщност не прави нищо (не връща никакъв резултат, тъй като кодът е коментиран).
Писах имейл на г-н Митов с молба да оправя тази грешка (за да може програмата ми наистина да се оцени спрямо кода, който съм написал по време на контролното). Написах тази статия, за да получа разрешение да оправя файла (без да пипам кода, разбира се). Надявам се, че всички, които са правили контролното, ще бъдат съгласни с това.
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Good exam 2 generating scripts for Software Engineering

This are the ‘good’ scripts used for generating the exam for 04 of December


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Checking the second exam for Software Engineering

The scripts for checking the exams done by students in class17_test/files_for_exam_2 and are commited at

Non of the students have successfully solved the tasks and everybody has 0 (zero).

I have developed a script called run_them_all.rb

The script is basically iterating over each homework and starting it

require 'open3'

repo = ARGV[0]
Dir.glob("*_*_{B,b,A,a}_*.rb").each do |file|
	if !file.include?("run_them_all.rb")
		p "Running #{file}"
		p "ruby #{file} #{repo}"
		stdin, stdout, stderr = Open3.popen3("ruby #{file} #{repo}")"outputs_and_errors/output_#{file}.txt","w") do |file|
		end"outputs_and_errors/errors_#{file}.txt","w") do |file|


This is the output from running the script:

"Running Konstantin_Kostov_B_21.rb"
"ruby Konstantin_Kostov_B_21.rb /repo/"
"Running Lili_Kokalova_B_22.rb"
"ruby Lili_Kokalova_B_22.rb /repo/"
"Running Iosyf_Saleh_B_18.rb"
"ruby Iosyf_Saleh_B_18.rb /repo/"
"Running Denis_Stoinev_B_13.rb"
"ruby Denis_Stoinev_B_13.rb /repo/"
"Running Mladen_Karadimov_B_24.rb"
"ruby Mladen_Karadimov_B_24.rb /repo/"
"Running Kaloyan_Nikov_B_19.rb"
"ruby Kaloyan_Nikov_B_19.rb /repo/"
"Running Valentin_Georgiev_B_3.rb"
"ruby Valentin_Georgiev_B_3.rb /repo/"
"Running Iliyan_Germanov_B_17.rb"
"ruby Iliyan_Germanov_B_17.rb /repo/"
"Running Emiliqn_Sokolov_B_15.rb"
"ruby Emiliqn_Sokolov_B_15.rb /repo/"
"Running Stanislav_Iliev_B_26.rb"
"ruby Stanislav_Iliev_B_26.rb /repo/"
"Running Gergan_Nikolov_B_11.rb"
"ruby Gergan_Nikolov_B_11.rb /repo/"
"Running Ivo_Stratev_B_16.rb"
"ruby Ivo_Stratev_B_16.rb /repo/"
"Running Martin_Grigorov_B_23.rb"
"ruby Martin_Grigorov_B_23.rb /repo/"
"Running Borislav_Stratev_B_02.rb"
"ruby Borislav_Stratev_B_02.rb /repo/"
"Running Stefan_Iliev_B_28.rb"
"ruby Stefan_Iliev_B_28.rb /repo/"

All the results are generated in the output_errors_results folder

From the output it seems that running the programs has stopped at Stefan_Iliev. I am not sure why. The script was running for about 3 hours and after that I stopped it.

Successfully generated html(s) are

-rw-r–r– 1 kireto kireto  3519 Dec  4 00:03 results_Denis_Stoinev_B_13.html
-rw-r–r– 1 kireto kireto   170 Dec  4 00:03 results_Gergan_Nikolov_B_11.html
-rw-r–r– 1 kireto kireto  3519 Dec  4 00:03 results_Iliyan_Germanov_B_17.html
-rw-r–r– 1 kireto kireto  2862 Dec  4 00:03 results_Kaloyan_Nikov_B_19.html
-rw-r–r– 1 kireto kireto 40314 Dec  4 00:03 results_Konstantin_Kostov_B_21.html
-rw-r–r– 1 kireto kireto   126 Dec  4 00:03 results_Mladen_Karadimov_B_24.html
-rw-r–r– 1 kireto kireto  2862 Dec  4 00:03 results_Stanislav_Iliev_B_26.html
-rw-r–r– 1 kireto kireto    42 Dec  4 00:03 results_Valentin_Georgiev_B_3.html

After opening them only Denis, Iliyan, Kaloyan, Stanislav have ‘meaningful’ tables with results where are tables from Denis and Iliyan are the same and the tables from Kaloyan and Stanislav are the same.

Regrettably the results from both tables are very different and I can not in anyway decide which tables gives us correct results.

As a conclusion Non of the students have successfully solved the tasks and everybody has 0 (zero).

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Глупава грешка по Технология на програмирането 2014

Автор – Морети Георгиев (не е редактирана, а е с оригиналните си грешки :D )

Глупава грешка

По предмета „Технология на програмирането“ трябваше да направим програми, които да генерират условия на програми за контролно. Всеки от нас трябваше да създаде условия за трима ученици.
Каква е грешката?
Общо казано тя е двусмилие. Едно от условията, да го наречем условие едно, на генерирана, от нашата програма, задача е да се използва “xml writer”, който пише в “xml” документ по следния начин:
Като друго условие, нека това да е условие две, е посочено, че начинът, по който трябва да се създава създържанието на „xml“ документа е:
В очакваните резултати се пише като в условие едно, така че ако е използван “xml writer” от условието няма проблем. В една от задачите writer-a е различен и пише като в условие две. При автоматично проверяване на всички програми от контролното ще се окаже че тя е грешна, без всъщност да е, защото тя изпълнява условието.
„Грешката“ е в програмата на Мариян Белчев, в нито една друга няма такъв проблем.
Писах имейл до г-н Митов, за да оправя този „xml writer”, защото грешката е от моя
страна и по този начин няма да се зачете като правилна задачата.
Как да я избегнем?
Най-лесния начин е да отделим повече внимание и да питаме съученици дали условията на задачите са ясни. Наистина грешката е от недоглеждане и невнимание.
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