Checking the second exam for Software Engineering

The scripts for checking the exams done by students in class17_test/files_for_exam_2 and are commited at

Non of the students have successfully solved the tasks and everybody has 0 (zero).

I have developed a script called run_them_all.rb

The script is basically iterating over each homework and starting it

require 'open3'

repo = ARGV[0]
Dir.glob("*_*_{B,b,A,a}_*.rb").each do |file|
	if !file.include?("run_them_all.rb")
		p "Running #{file}"
		p "ruby #{file} #{repo}"
		stdin, stdout, stderr = Open3.popen3("ruby #{file} #{repo}")"outputs_and_errors/output_#{file}.txt","w") do |file|
		end"outputs_and_errors/errors_#{file}.txt","w") do |file|


This is the output from running the script:

"Running Konstantin_Kostov_B_21.rb"
"ruby Konstantin_Kostov_B_21.rb /repo/"
"Running Lili_Kokalova_B_22.rb"
"ruby Lili_Kokalova_B_22.rb /repo/"
"Running Iosyf_Saleh_B_18.rb"
"ruby Iosyf_Saleh_B_18.rb /repo/"
"Running Denis_Stoinev_B_13.rb"
"ruby Denis_Stoinev_B_13.rb /repo/"
"Running Mladen_Karadimov_B_24.rb"
"ruby Mladen_Karadimov_B_24.rb /repo/"
"Running Kaloyan_Nikov_B_19.rb"
"ruby Kaloyan_Nikov_B_19.rb /repo/"
"Running Valentin_Georgiev_B_3.rb"
"ruby Valentin_Georgiev_B_3.rb /repo/"
"Running Iliyan_Germanov_B_17.rb"
"ruby Iliyan_Germanov_B_17.rb /repo/"
"Running Emiliqn_Sokolov_B_15.rb"
"ruby Emiliqn_Sokolov_B_15.rb /repo/"
"Running Stanislav_Iliev_B_26.rb"
"ruby Stanislav_Iliev_B_26.rb /repo/"
"Running Gergan_Nikolov_B_11.rb"
"ruby Gergan_Nikolov_B_11.rb /repo/"
"Running Ivo_Stratev_B_16.rb"
"ruby Ivo_Stratev_B_16.rb /repo/"
"Running Martin_Grigorov_B_23.rb"
"ruby Martin_Grigorov_B_23.rb /repo/"
"Running Borislav_Stratev_B_02.rb"
"ruby Borislav_Stratev_B_02.rb /repo/"
"Running Stefan_Iliev_B_28.rb"
"ruby Stefan_Iliev_B_28.rb /repo/"

All the results are generated in the output_errors_results folder

From the output it seems that running the programs has stopped at Stefan_Iliev. I am not sure why. The script was running for about 3 hours and after that I stopped it.

Successfully generated html(s) are

-rw-r–r– 1 kireto kireto  3519 Dec  4 00:03 results_Denis_Stoinev_B_13.html
-rw-r–r– 1 kireto kireto   170 Dec  4 00:03 results_Gergan_Nikolov_B_11.html
-rw-r–r– 1 kireto kireto  3519 Dec  4 00:03 results_Iliyan_Germanov_B_17.html
-rw-r–r– 1 kireto kireto  2862 Dec  4 00:03 results_Kaloyan_Nikov_B_19.html
-rw-r–r– 1 kireto kireto 40314 Dec  4 00:03 results_Konstantin_Kostov_B_21.html
-rw-r–r– 1 kireto kireto   126 Dec  4 00:03 results_Mladen_Karadimov_B_24.html
-rw-r–r– 1 kireto kireto  2862 Dec  4 00:03 results_Stanislav_Iliev_B_26.html
-rw-r–r– 1 kireto kireto    42 Dec  4 00:03 results_Valentin_Georgiev_B_3.html

After opening them only Denis, Iliyan, Kaloyan, Stanislav have ‘meaningful’ tables with results where are tables from Denis and Iliyan are the same and the tables from Kaloyan and Stanislav are the same.

Regrettably the results from both tables are very different and I can not in anyway decide which tables gives us correct results.

As a conclusion Non of the students have successfully solved the tasks and everybody has 0 (zero).

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