Projects for Software Engineering 2015

The projects are given at the bottom of the course page and for now are: (more will come in the next few days)

Second term


  1. Youtube channel administration from an external app using the Youtube V3 API. Subscription fee per month for access.
  2. Subtitles editing and synchronization – Desktop. Licensed fee.
    1. move subtitles forward/backward
    2. show subtitles over the video
    3. enter subtitles and synchronize them with the sound
  3. Subtitles editing and synchronization – Web Java Script. Subscription fee per month. Free for the first X subtitles/users per month. Similar to
    1. move subtitles forward/backward
    2. show subtitles over the video
    3. enter subtitles and synchronize them with the sound
  4. Testimonials to your site – similar to Subscription fee per month. Free for the first X testimonials.
  5. Format conversion service similar to Pay per month or conversion.
  6. OAuth server.
  7. Managing social network posts in a single application. Support for Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest. View all the user activities in social networks and administer posts from a single place. Pay per month.
  8. Subtitles generation by voice recognition – provide a link to an audio or video file and return a transcript in raw and in srt format. Pay per month or per number of conversions made.
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  1. Iosyf Saleh каза:

    Me and my team would like to work on a site for posting and playing online visual novels (will consist of html,php,javascript,php,“mySQL maybe“).

    I consider this an inovative idea since there are currently about a maximum of 2 or 4 such sites(„which saddens me since I have always wanted to play such games without downloading“) and the few sites that exist have next to no games. The site will generate large amouts of revenu after being properly set up and accumulating a good number of games trough users and patriots from our kickstarter so that we can hire more people to work on the games. („We plan on making this a longterm project“)

    A visual novel is a game in with you („The main charechter“) move trough the game(„usually consist of 2d graphics + dialogue boxes at the bottom“) and as the protagonist you make decisions and depending on your decisions the story is changes, ultimatelly leading you to one of the ends of the story.

    • kmitov каза:

      Where would the stories come from initially?

      • Iosyf Saleh каза:

        The first games will be made by us. During my years of watching and reading anime and manga(types of media witch are the sources of most of the VN’s nowadays) I have thought up and written a lot of original stories. The first ones we release will be free to play (in order for our site to gain a fanbase) eventually the bigger and better storyes will require payment for them to be played.

  2. Dimitar Terziev каза:

    Quizzes website – a site in which people can easily make and attempt quizzes(a set of questions on various of topics, typically media(wikipedia: not nessecarily too academic or sensible( but they can be pretty addictive). The reason we think it’s monetizable: the site itself is an excuse to put adds and expect traffic.

  3. Ivo Stratev каза:

    My team – Team Project ( Me & my bro.) would like to work on project #7. ( Managing social network posts in a single application. Support for Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest. View all the user activities in social networks and administer posts from a single place. Pay per month.) We think that this project fits perfectly in the description „funny, learn & $$$$$“.

  4. Петко Божинов каза:

    Нашият отбор (аз, Ивелин Славчев и Любомир Янков) желаем да работим по задание номер 8 (Subtitles generation by voice recognition – provide a link…).

  5. Gergan Nikolov каза:

    Social network –
    New kind of social media.
    A place where everyone can share their personal story.
    Chat with your followers.
    Simple and fast way to share your stories.
    Place where everyone is connected.
    Find stories just like yours.
    Working with Mladen Karadimov and Valentin Varbanov
    Project link:

  6. Stanislav Iliev каза:

    Отбор: Станислав Илиев (№26), Калоян Ников (№19), Емилиян Соколов (№15)

    Android приложение – анализатор на бъдещи мачове за играта Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Сайтът предлага възможността да се залага на мачове. Нашето приложение ще предсказва победителя като използва различни източници на информация и ще предоставя допълнителни данни (Платена версия) под формата на графики и т.н.

    Безплатна версия с реклами, платена версия без реклами и допълнителна точност.

  7. Velislav Kostov каза:

    Our team idea is not simple but unique because nobody has developed/deployed such thing on the territory of Sofia. All data about the schedules/routes will be parsed from the Sofia’s official public transport page. We are going to develop public transport planner which generally means you type in your current location or accept a script to determine it, and set your destination, also you can type in desired departure time and/or desired arrival time. As a result of these operations you recieve all the transport chains that will lead you to your destination on time (transport chan is the sequence of operations you got to perform to get there (i.e. departure at 14:00 catch „that“ bus, walk for 5 minutes and you’re there at 14:20)). Certain features will be limited for ‘basic’ users OR they’re not gonna be allowed to plan for routes larger than 5km in radius. We’ll probably develop some kind of subscription method in order to support premium users.

  8. Денис Стойнев, Илиян Германов , Николай Михайлов каза:

    Android application for online chatting only with emoticons, sharing images and videos. Users will create profiles, login, costumize their wall and sharing their special moments with friends.

  9. Simeon, Stanislav, Stanislav каза:

    Android belote game. Communication between devices will be by WLAN. Payment for card design and advertising.

  10. Ivo Valchev каза:

    Team name: House of Programmers
    Team members: Ivo Valchev and Borislav Rusinov
    Project: Subtitles editing and synchronization – Desktop. Licensed fee. (2)

  11. Kamena Dacheva каза:

    Team: Elena Karakoleva, Kamena Dacheva and Radoslav Kostadinov

    Me and my team would like to work on project nomber 7: Managing social network posts in a single application. Support for Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest. View all the user activities in social networks and administer posts from a single place. Pay per month.

    Can you provide us more information about whether it has to be an Android application or it could be website based?

  12. Krassen Angelov каза:

    Team: Shaolin Spiders [SS]
    Participants: Kalin Marinov, Dimitar Matev, Krassen Angelov
    Project: Format conversion service similar to Pay per month or conversion.

  13. Stefan Iliev, Nikolay Mihaylov, Vanya Santeva каза:

    We would like to develop a 2D sidescrolling RPG game with character progression, crafting system, interactive combo system and stealth. It will be developed under Unity, as for the monetization it will either be B2P or freemium. The game will be split into levels and feature both simple and complicated enemy AI (for bosses) and may feature a leaderboard (unity’s implementation is kinda hard, unless you buy the code.) Initially the game is planned to run both on PC and Android(4.2+ with device resolution 720p+) and will be controlled through the keyboard (for PC) and swipe system for attacking and buttons for walking/jumping. (for Android).
    The three milestones are:
    1: Fully completed menu, item store(may not feature IAP on that milestone), character progression panel, crafting panel and initial prototype level that will be used for evaluation of game mechanics and AI.
    2:Completed AI, special world props that have some player interaction and completed combo system ( with the appropriate visual response in the form of animation and particle systems )
    3: Completed full chapter (6-9 levels) of the game’s story, possibly added IAPs to the game’s store ( possibly because the monetization method is still being evaluated ), scripted stealth mechanics.

    As for more detailed description of the UX and UI:

    – Attacking will be chained in combos that will be appropriate for the input, for example you will be able to swipe up 2 or 3 times then swipe down, which will result in launching the enemies mid air and slamming them into the ground.

    – Crafting will be simply done in the form of adding special effects to the weapons, for example you have a throwing weapon, you combine it with some items and get the same weapon but with the added effect of exploding on collision and triggering additional effects like destroying the basis of some platform that has enemies on it which will result into the platform breaking and the enemies on it dying in the collapse.

    – Stealth will be lighting based. You will have objects in the game like lamps that will reveal you for the enemies, though you may be able to destroy some of them. There will also be enemies that you cannot hide from and have to confront anyway. The player will also have different devices although the only i can think of is grappling hook that will be used to evade enemies by ascending into the darkness using it.

    – The AI will be split into two parts:
    – Simple: Enemies will attack you on sight and chase you for a short distance.
    – Complex: Enemies will attack you on sight, but will chase you more, predict your combos and attacks, dodge ranged attacks and run away from world props that may cause harm to them.

    – Leaderboards (if any) will be level based. You will get scores for chaining bigger and bigger combos and killing enemies in short period of time. Killing the enemies in a stealth manner or by destroying a prop will also result into gaining additional score and chaining combos.

    – The game may also feature level streaming, in case the levels are too big for some phones, that will be Asynchronous and won’t result in more than 5-6 fps drop for low period of time.

    – The particle systems that are planned are not to complex: Explosion, fire, sparks, lighting, smoke, blood splatter (not to much though since that will raise the ESRB raiting of the game.) and some other for object collapse or breaking.

    – The main menu will be split into big rectangles with concept art in them and will be navigated through swiping. The rectangles will slide right and left with short animation that won’t be too long and wont really matter because the user is not really supposed to navigate through it a lot. The level selector will feature swiping in all directions for easier navigation. It will be split into big rectangles with concept art like the main menu but will swipe up and down for quick navigation through levels, so that the user won’t be annoyed swiping all day to get to the level he wants. The big rectangles will also contain level information so that the player will easily find a level in which he scored badly and can improve, or gain money and so.

    Other notes:

    -The bigger part of the game will be completed with already integrated features that Unity provides and has documented and videoed for tutorials. The only thing the game might struggle with is the art style, although it is planned for a friend of mine to help us. He studies game art ( more specifically concept art, but that won’t be a problem because the character movement and attacks and so on will be animated through unity. ) If the project goes behind on schedule and proves to be too difficult, we’ll fall back to creating and MVP that will feature more basic implementation of everything, although it won’t be recognizable by the end „investor“. That MVP will be put on kickstarter with the appropriate in game rewards for pre calculated funding goals.

    – In my opinion the project covers the requirements by being fun, in our eyes at least, by requiring a lot of stuff to be learned in order to be completed and by giving us the opportunity to make enough money to .. i dont know, do something with them i guess.

    – The game is not planned to have any multiplayer on this stage of the project. Also there won’t be game restricting features like lives, energy or so that will require the player to wait some time or pay to continue playing. That will be because the game will either be , as i already wrote, Paid or freemium. If it is paid, players will refund it the moment they see the lives or so and if it is freemium it will rely on the immersion. People won’t spend money on IAPs if they can’t play the game. (There are some examples that counter that cogitation, but they are socially integrated and rely on human psychology to brag with what he has achieved.)

  14. Veselina Kolova каза:

    Valentin Georgiev and me would like to work on an YouTube channel administration app.

  15. David Georgiev каза:

    Team: „1220“ << David & Konstantin
    Нашата идея е програма, която създава html галерия по подадена директория, като папките са албумите в галерията. В конфигурационни файлове за всеки албум ще се съхранява основната информация за изображенията като например: адрес на файла, албум, височина, широчина, дата, id и др.

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